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11th Annual General Body Meeting Mudla Konkani Canara Kutam ® (MKCK), Bengaluru with great cheer and enthusiasm

Bengaluru 30 Jun, 2024: The Mudla Konkani Canara Kutam (MKCK) annual general body meeting was convened on 30th June 2024 at KROSS, Bengaluru. The event marked a significant gathering to reflect on the organization's achievements, honour its members, and foster community spirit. The day commenced with a solemn Holy Mass celebrated by Rev Fr Maxim Dias, Rev Fr Richard Pias (Director of KROSS), and Rev Dr Fr Francis Assisi D’Almeida (Spiritual Director, FKCA and Karnataka Regional Secretary, Education Commission) emphasizing the theme of “Selfless contribution to society beyond personal interests”. The sermon resonated deeply with the audience, setting a reflective tone for the day's proceedings.

Richard Sequeira, (President of MKCK), extended a warm welcome to the esteemed guests, Robert Cutinha (Chairman - FKCA), Vincent Dsouza, (President - Koncab) and Sharon Rego (Cultural Secretary - FKCA). The official proceedings began with the reading of the annual report by Ayeshia Fernandes (Secretary of MKCK). The report highlighted the organization's activities, achievements and financial standing over the past year. Following this, Amith Dsouza (Treasurer of MKCK) presented the balance sheet for the fiscal year 2023-24, which was duly approved by the members present.

Chief guest, Robert Cutinha, expressed his appreciation for MKCK's continuous support to FKCA, re-enforcing the strong bond between Affiliates globally. Cultural Secretary - FKCA, Sharon Rego appreciated the relentless support by MKCK in encouraging the younger generation in various activities all through the year and the selfless support to FKCA.

Maxim Fernandes, emcee took the stage to facilitate several recognitions. Later on, Ajith Terence Dsouza Joint Secretary, MKCK joined to recognize talents across the Association.

Philomena Dsouza and Daniel Dsouza, the super senior members were honoured for their exemplary contributions to society. Philomena Dsouza, a retired Nursing Superintendent at ESI Rajajinagar, and Daniel Dsouza, a retired Commercial Officer in Karnataka, were congratulated for their lifetime achievements and dedication.

On the professional front, Dr. (DM) Divya Fernandes, a distinguished Cardiologist, and Captain Rahul Dias, (Madras Sappers Regiment) were recognized for their outstanding contributions in their respective fields, serving as inspirations to the younger generation. Mrs. and Mr. Henry Dias were acknowledged for their invaluable support to MKCK throughout the year, offering guidance and assistance to the committee, thus playing a pivotal role in the Associations’ success.

The Committee welcomed new members into the MKCK family, extending a warm reception to ensure they feel integrated and valued.

The Let’s Smash Badminton Tournament had taken place on 14th April 2024 at Highline Sports Indoor Badminton Academy, where winners were recognized across categories including Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Similarly, the Christmas crib competition conducted in December 2023 promoted community engagement, creativity, and cultural preservation, celebrating uniqueness in depicting the nativity with three distinguished winners selected.

A highlight of the event was the remarkable talent showcased by 16 young performers who mesmerized the audience with their group dance, Mudla Rockstars, along with a fusion dance by Eva, Avalynn, and Shanell, and a soulful solo Konkani singing performance by Eva Dcunha. Each act celebrated our community's cultural richness and vibrant spirit.

The culinary experience at the AGM was a feast in itself, provided by Reliable Caterers. The spread featured a delightful array of Mangalorean cuisine, serving as a nostalgic reminder of traditional flavours and culinary excellence.

The AGM of MKCK on 30th June 2024 was not just a gathering but the event further underscored the Associations’ commitment to fostering unity, recognizing excellence, and nurturing talent within the community. Attendees carried with them a renewed sense of pride in their heritage and a commitment to uphold the values of MKCK in the years to come.