An update on FKCA Lenten Mission to visit orphanages & less privileged

Update: Sunday March 13th, 2022
Lenten mission by FKCA is to visit different orphanages and home for the less privileged on Every Sunday in the lent, and to Sponsor Lunch and have lunch with them and to spend quality time with them.

As decided earlier, On Sunday 13th March FKCA members visited the Kolbe Home of Prison Ministry. There were 26 boys in all, ranging from Class 1 to Class 10 (children of prisoners). Lunch was organized for the guests and children and was sponsored by FKCA.

FKCA team members spent a wonderful few hours with the children who are very talented and showcased their singing and dancing capabilities.

Below were the attendees: Chairman Silvian Noronha and his daughter Sonal, Immediate Past Chairman Edward D'Souza and his wife Mamatha; Past Chairperson Aida D'Cunha and her nephew Joyston and Treasurer Noel Sequeira.

Note: Next Sunday on March 20th FKCA planned similar visit to Happy Home at KGF.

Update: Sunday March 20th, 2022
on Sunday 20th March FKCA members visited Happy Home orphanage at KGF. There were 76 children in all, ranging from 2.5 yrs to 18 years. Some of them were differently abled including one blind girl who sang melodiously.

Lunch was organized by Mr. Rajashekar (colleague of our FKCA chairman) for the guests and the children which was sponsored by FKCA.

Below were the attendees: Chairman Silvian Noronha and his daughter Sonal, Treasurer Noel Sequeira and his wife Leena as well as Sezari President Mr. Victor Rodrigues. FKCA spent a wonderful few hours with the children

Note: Next Sunday on March 27th FKCA planned visit to Infant Jesus Children's Home, Dinanilaya convent, Kothanur,Hennur Bagalur main road, Bangalore.

Update: Sunday March 27th, 2022
As part of the FKCA Lenten Sundays Program for the underprivileged, on Sunday 27th March members visited, the INFANT JESUS CHILDREN'S HOME,Dinanilaya convent, Kothanur, Hennur Bagalur main road.

FKCA chairman Mr.Silvian and his daughter Sonal and Past Chairperson Aida D'cunha were present on the occasion to share some time with the underprivileged.Everyone had a great day, spending time with children and the nuns.

Update: Sunday April 3rd, 2022
On Sunday April 3rd FKCA team visited Auto Raja's Home of Hope as part of FKCA weekly charitable visit.

Chairman Silvian Noronha handed over the donation to Auto Raja on behalf of FKCA. Silvian was accompanied by his daughter Sonal, Legal Advisor of FKCA Anil D'Souza and past Chairman of FKCA Arun Fernandes and his daughter Alita were present, and visited the patients and spent time with the children at the Home of Hope which takes care of 750 plus people who are abandoned to be on their own.

Auto Raja also ensures a decent final rights to people who pass away due to their ailments and age related issues....
God bless Auto Raja for his dedicated and thankless service to the poorest of the poor...