Jingle Mingle 2023: A Celebration of Unity, Joy, and Community Spirit

The Jingle Mingle 2023 event, hosted by the Bangalore Konkani Catholic Sangh (BKCS), unfolded as a splendid showcase of community unity and festive cheer. The festivities kicked off with a captivating 'Cooking Without Fire' competition, where five enthusiastic teams showcased their culinary prowess. The esteemed judging panel, featuring renowned chef Ms. Dale Raquinha, along with esteemed past presidents Mrs. Menderline and Jyothi, added a touch of expertise to the event.

Under the meticulous planning of the Jingle Mingle planning committee, led by Dorine Rasquinha, BKCS Joint Secretary, the event transformed into a joyous Family Day at the Grand Krishna Hotel on December 2, 2023, starting from 7 pm. The occasion was marked by delightful moments and a sense of community togetherness.

Ms. Jyothi set the tone for the evening with a heartfelt prayer, seeking divine blessings for BKCS's prosperous 26-year journey. The soul-stirring carols by the talented Preran choir, led by Steven and group, further enriched the ambiance. A charming Christmas tableau and a spectacular dance performance by Tiya and her troupe added to the festivities.

Families from various corners of Bangalore enthusiastically converged, infusing the Jingle Mingle Family Day with exuberant togetherness. BKCS President, Aida Margaret D’Cunha, extended a warm welcome to the large gathering, ushering in an evening of communal jubilation.

The keynote address by Rev. Fr. Prashanth Fernandes resonated deeply, emphasizing the pivotal role of familial involvement in fostering betterment, advocating love, sharing, and the essence of joyful living. The presence of FKCA's esteemed past chairmen, Mr. Sylvian Noronha, Mr. Valerian Fernandes, Mr. Victor Edward D’Souza, Mr. Anand Edward D’Souza, FKCA General Secretary Mrs. Leena Lobo, alongside an impressive assembly of BKCS past presidents, FKCA members, well-wishers, and the cherished BKCS family, added grandeur to the occasion.

A special felicitation ceremony honored FKCA past presidents, BKCS Presidents, and presidents from other Konkani Catholic Sangh, acknowledging their commendable contributions. Mrs. Matilda Rego, treasurer, BKCS, expressed gratitude to Rev. Fr. Prashanth, main sponsors Mr. Ronald Pinto, Mr. Sylvian Noronha, Mr. Valerian Fernandes, co-sponsors, donors, Past President Mr. Sunil, Secretary Mr. Peter, the dedicated Jingle Mingle core committee, and the supportive BKCS members for ensuring the event's resounding success.

The evening unfolded with a diverse array of engaging activities tailored for all age groups within the community. Culinary delights crafted by talented community members delighted food enthusiasts, and the presence of Secretary Mrs. Natalie Rodrigues and Cultural Secretary Mrs. Andria, embodying Santa Claus, became a highlight as children eagerly awaited their turn to interact with the beloved festive icon. The excitement soared with a thrilling lucky draw, adding a thrill to the proceedings.

Jingle Mingle Family Day 2023 epitomized the strength of community bonds and the exuberant spirit of celebration. Departing families carried radiant smiles and hearts brimming with festive joy, cementing cherished moments into the tapestry of community life. Here's to more enchanting Jingle Mingle celebrations, continuing to intricately weave the threads of togetherness and cultural opulence in the years ahead.