"KON-CAB Brings Along the Christmas Spirit in Grand Style"

Bengaluru Dec 20th 2023: The festive air was thick with excitement as the Konkani Catholic Association - Bangalore (KON-CAB) hosted its annual Christmas Tree event on December 16th at the Gardenia Rooftop Hall of the Konkan Samudai Bhavan, Bengaluru. The venue was filled with members and guests, donned in warm clothes to combat the chilly Bengaluru winter, eagerly engaging in festive cheer.

The formal proceedings kicked off at 7:25 pm with a heartfelt prayer led by Kon-CAB secretary, Navya Monteiro. President Vincent D’Souza extended a warm welcome to the Guest of Honour, Mr. Robinson D’Souza, along with presidents from neighboring Konkani associations and all the attendees. The president expressed gratitude to the Executive Committee for their meticulous arrangements and acknowledged the participants of various events scheduled for the evening.

A highlight of the evening was the captivating Live Crib performance by Kon-CAB kids. With precision and charm, they brought to life the sacred events surrounding the birth of Jesus. From the angel Gabriel's announcement to Mary and Joseph, to the shepherds witnessing the divine moment, and the Three Kings following the Star of Bethlehem, the performance was a mesmerizing portrayal. Accompanied by melodious carols sung by the Kon-CAB choir led by Walter Lobo to the music by Kevin, the atmosphere was filled with the spirit of Christmas. The Live Crib performance was planned and presented by Sharmila D’Souza and received a thunderous applause.

Cultural Secretary Arun Fernandes introduced the Guest of Honour, Mr. Robinson D’Souza, a distinguished bureaucrat who served as the First and Former Principal Secretary to the Legislature of Karnataka and the Law Secretary to the Government of Karnataka. Mr. Robinson shared a message of peace for Christmas, drawing from his life and professional experiences. It was indeed an honour for Kon-cab and the audience that one of our very own Konkani bureaucrat who had the rare opportunity to serve in all three institutions under the Constitution of India, viz. Judiciary, Executive and Legislature, was amongst, to grace the occasion. Mr Robinson was honoured by Kon-cab President Vincent D’Souza with a bouquet of flowers.

The event also featured the recognition of creativity with the Crib competition and "Adorn the Tree" contest. Priya Pinto claimed victory in the Crib competition, with Nelson Pinto as the Runner-up. In the "Adorn the Tree" contest, Jake Miranda secured the 3rd place, Zane Miranda as the runner-up, and Neil D’Costa emerged as the winner. The esteemed jury, comprised of Sylvester D’Souza, Sunil D’Cunha, and Arun Fernandes, awarded consolation prizes to all participants.

Santa Claus, embodied by Sunil D’Cunha, brought joy to the children with festive songs and distributed chocolates. A variety of games, conducted by Savita, Rita, and team, kept the atmosphere lively, with spot games offering numerous prizes. The Christmas Hamper and "Guess the Weight of the Cake" contests added an extra layer of excitement, with Col. Alexis Pereira winning the lavish hamper and Sunil D’Cunha correctly guessing the cake's weight.

The musical talents of the Blue Knights, led by Darryl and Ian, enchanted the audience, ensuring everyone was on their feet. The evening concluded with a feast of sumptuous Mangalorean cuisine served by Blue Bell Caterers. Jhonas D’Souza, the emcee for the program, guided attendees through the night's festivities.

As the well-attended Christmas Tree evening came to an end, Koncab members and guests, took home fond memories of a spirited and memorable evening to celebrate the coming of our Lord. Truly a December to Remember, until the next one.