Kalanjali-2023: A Spectacular Showcase of Konkani Talent Organized by Koncab

In a dazzling display of culture and creativity, the Konkani Catholic Association of Bangalore (Koncab) hosted its annual talent extravaganza, Kalanjali-2023, on November 5th, 2023, at the Konkan Samudai Bhavan in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. Celebrating 25+ years of legacy, Koncab has consistently provided a vibrant platform for Konkani associations to foster language, culture, and heritage.

The event commenced with a soulful invocation, seeking divine blessings from St. Anthony, the Patron of Koncab. Led by Ms. Navya Monteiro, the Secretary, the inaugural prayer set a spiritually uplifting tone followed by a prayer song by the children of various organizations, under the guidance of Sharon Rego, Cultural Secretary of Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations. The ceremonial lighting of the lamp followed, officially inaugurated by Mr. Vincent D’Souza, the President, along with key dignitaries including Vice-President Sylvester D’Souza, Treasurer Harold Lewis, and Cultural Secretary Arun Fernandes.

The day unfolded with the enchanting notes of Konkani melodies as participants competed in the singing categories, paying homage to legends like Wilfy Rebimbus, Mic Max and embracing melodies of Henry D’Souza, Eric Ozario as well as those by contemporary sensations like Kevin Misquith and Prajoth D’sa. The Konkani group singing competition showcased a blend of tenors, baritones, and sopranos, captivating the audience with its high-level competition.

The creative flair continued with a lively fancy dress competition, where participants of all ages dazzled the audience with their innovative costumes and props. Following this, a burst of laughter filled the auditorium during the short Konkani comedy skit competition, where performers delivered witty one-liners and comedic brilliance.

The spotlight then shifted to the highly anticipated inter-association dance competitions. From energetic teens to captivating performances by those above 35, the stage came alive with diverse dance forms, leaving the audience in awe.

Notably, Kalanjali has evolved over the years, showcasing exceptional performances from children to the young at heart. The 11-hour nonstop program witnessed a record number of participants, making judging a challenging task for the esteemed panel, including well-qualified individuals such as Stan D’Souza, Edith D’Souza, Peter Rebello, Sandeep Malani, Rev Fr. Dr. Francis Assisi Almeida, Charles Gomes, Vijay Colaco, Stenita Lewis, and Rishika.

The chief guest, Mr. Silvian Noronha, a successful entrepreneur and former Chairman of the Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations (FKCA), commended Koncab's consistent efforts over the past 25+ years. The Presidents of all Konkani associations of Bengaluru, were also present on the dais during the conclusion of the program. Mr Vincent D’Souza, honoured the chief guest, the guest of honour, and all the presidents of other Konkani Catholic associations of Bengaluru, present on the dais. He emphasized the importance of encouraging children in their pursuits and urged the younger generation to actively engage in sports and extracurricular activities.

Guest of honor, Mr. Robert Cutinha, Chairman of FKCA, applauded Koncab for orchestrating such a grand event and pledged continued support. The distribution of prizes followed, with KONCAB securing the 'Most Talented Team' rolling trophy, while BKCS Koramangala and Konkani Samudai, Jayanagar, claimed the second and third places, respectively.

The curtain fell on Kalanjali-2023 at 8.45 p.m., concluding a day filled with talent, laughter, and cultural celebration. The event's success was credited to the meticulous planning of the Koncab team, led by Mr. Vincent D’Souza. The program was compered by N A D’Silva with the support from Jhonus, Sunny, Kevin, Shailin, Mabel, Sony, Rochelle, Alita, Praveen, Sylvia and Vinuthan who added an engaging touch to the entire program. As Secretary Navya Monteiro expressed her gratitude in the vote of thanks, Kalanjali-2023 stood as a testament to Koncab's unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting Konkani culture in the heart of Bangalore. The winners, representing 16 associations, showcased their exceptional talents, creating memories that will resonate in the Konkani community for years to come.

The winners of the various categories held at Kalanjali 2023 are as follows:
● Konkani Singing Solo below 10 years: Rishita Crasta from SAKK Marathahalli.
● Konkani Singing Solo 10 -15 years: Cleon Furtado from Konkani Samudai Jayanagar.
● Konkani Singing Solo 15-20 years: Ranson Serrao KCA Mathikere.
● Konkani Singing Solo 20 years and Above: Royston D’Souza from BKCS Koramangala.
● Konkani Singing Group below 15 years: Konkani Samudai Group – Jayanagar.
● Konkani Singing Group above 15 years: Royston D’Souza from BKCS Koramangala.
● Fancy Dress Solo below 5 years: Aiden Paul Pinto from Koncab
● Fancy Dress Solo 5-10 years: Shanvi D’Souza from Koncab.
● Fancy Dress Solo 10–15 years: Melroy Fernandes from BKCS Koramangala.
● Fancy Dress Solo 15-20 years: Jennifer Lobo from Konkani Samudai Jayanagar.
● Fancy Dress 20 years and Above: Lawrence Fernandes from BKCS Koramangala
● Inter-Association Comedy Skit: Steven D’Silva & Group Koncab.
● Inter-Association Dance above 35yrs: Fairy Flamingos from Koncab
● Inter-Association Dance below 15 years: Wonderkids from Koncab.
● Inter-Association Dance 15 years above: Pink Panther from Koncab