Osmitay a widely acclaimed Konkani Movie Screened in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, November 29: The eagerly anticipated premiere of "Osmitay," a Konkani film that follows a young man's quest to discover his true identity, was hosted by the Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations (FKCA). Directed by Vilas Ratnakar Kshatriya and produced by Louis J Pinto under Mandd Sobhann productions, the film features Ashwin D’Costa and Wencita Dias in the lead roles.

The storyline unfolds a captivating history of the Konkani language, tracing its journey through struggles, foreign invasions, and exodus. It delves into the purpose of preserving our language and heritage, emphasizing the responsibility passed down from our ancestors. The film aims to instill a sense of duty in future generations.

The premiere was graced by lead actors Ashwin and Wencita, along with Louis Pinto (Producer - Osmitay and Mandd Sobhann President), Naveen Lobo (Executive Producer - Osmitay and Mandd Sobhann Vice President), Alron Rodrigues (Mandd Sobhann Treasurer), Vikas Lasrado (Mandd Sobhann Committee Member), Vilas Ratnakar Kshatriya (Director), Nikhilesh (Associate Director), Nellu Permanur (Associate Director and Villain), Maria Joyce, and Raveen Martis.

Edward D’Souza, Past Chairman of FKCA, graced the audience and highlighted FKCA's initiative to preserve our Konkani language, culture and heritage and how FKCA played a key role in introducing Konkani masses in Bengaluru Churches. Fr. Rakesh Mathias prayed for the success of the screening, extending blessings to those responsible for bringing "Osmitay" to Bengaluru, specially prayed over children of our community, to always speak high on our Konkani language and acknowledged the efforts of various associations. Chairman Robert welcomed Producer Louis Pinto on stage, expressing gratitude to the cast and FKCA committee members. Cultural Secretary Sharon Rego co-ordinated the program.

Three shows were held throughout the day. For the second show, Rayan Miranda conveyed FKCA's vision and mission for the upliftment of the community. Fr. Francis Assissi Almeida offered prayers for association members, their plans, and efforts to preserve tradition and culture. The entire cast and crew were felicitated before each show, recognizing the support of Vinod Titus Monteiro, Konkani Samudai Jayanagar, Vincent D’Souza, Koncab, Edwin Lobo, MKCK Mathikere, and other association Presidents.

General Secretary Leena Lobo and Fr. Jayson Pais S.J. played key roles in the final show, with Robert Cutinha leading the cast and crew on the stage. Sundeep Malani and Seema Buthelo, prominent personalities in the film industry, were also acknowledged. Former Chairman and Past Presidents were called on stage to grace the occasion.

Viewers shared positive reviews, praising the acting, cinematography, songs, and the portrayal of the community's identity worldwide. They expressed gratitude to FKCA for its initiative and urged the creation of more Konkani films and sequels. FKCA thanked the Comedy Company Team for comprehensive coverage, Joyson and Team for exceptional sound, and all committee members for their strong support throughout the event.