Celebrating a Decade of Unity and Service: MKCK's Remarkable Journey

In the vibrant neighborhood of Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore East, the spirit of unity and service flourishes within the Konkani-speaking families that make up the esteemed association, "MKCK...Mudla Konkani Canara Kutam®." Established on June 2, 2013, and inaugurated by the Honourable Home Minister K.J. George, MKCK has since become a beacon of cultural promotion, social unity, and charitable endeavors, patronized by FKCA Bengaluru. MKCK's core mission is to "Serve," "Unite," and "Help" Konkani-speaking families, fostering the preservation of their language and over the past decade, MKCK has achieved numerous milestones, embodying its commitment to community service and welfare.

The association boasts a diverse range of objectives, including the development and enhancement of the social and economic standards of women, orphans, differently-abled individuals, and those in need. MKCK organizes health camps, champions environmental and ecological protection initiatives, and orchestrates cultural, artistic, and sports activities for children and youth within the association.

Notably, MKCK obtained income tax benefits under sections 80G and 12A of the Income Tax Act in 2017-18, with a renewal in 2022 for a subsequent 5-year period. The association has also been actively pursuing a BDA Civic Amenity site.

In times of crisis, MKCK has exemplified its commitment to community welfare. During the devastating Kodagu floods, the association collected and dispatched essential groceries and supplies to the affected population. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, MKCK efficiently distributed donations received from generous donors to those affected. The association also extends its support to old age homes and orphanages, establishing an education fund to financially assist students in need.

MKCK's Annual General Meeting, accompanied by a thanksgiving mass, cultural program, and lunch, serves as a pivotal platform for association families to convene. The event showcases the talents of the children, with meritorious students, outstanding members, and retirees receiving well-deserved recognition. On its 5th anniversary, MKCK launched a commemorative Souvenir, and this year marked a decade of impactful service.

An integral part of MKCK's annual calendar includes the celebration of the Nativity Feast of Mother Mary, observed with unparalleled enthusiasm. During the Christmas season, MKCK Committee members and children embark on a heartwarming tradition of visiting every member's house, spreading the joy and spirit of Christmas through carols. The festive period also features various competitions, such as carol singing and crib decorating.

In addition to these activities, MKCK actively engages in events organized by FKCA and other affiliated associations in Bengaluru, showcasing its commitment to community collaboration. FKCA stands as a steadfast supporter of MKCK and all affiliated Konkani associations, fostering a network of shared goals and values.

As MKCK marks its 10th year, the association also expresses heartfelt wishes for FKCA’s Silver Jubilee Year. The journey of MKCK definitely exemplifies the power of unity, service, and cultural preservation within a community, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of its members.