Sonal Lobo


Sonal Lobo, born and bought up in Bengaluru, is a post graduate in commerce from Christ University, Bengaluru. She has been writing from the age of 10. Her writings have been published in in a number of publications of repute. She has published two books 'Thoughts Sublime' and 'Whistling Words' both collection of poems and also contributed in various anthologies. Currently she is working as an HR counsellor in Bengaluru.

CORONA- When it’s all Gone

In the midst of the chaos, hustle and bustle
There was a sudden silence.
The shouts and screams
Were stopped with masks
Ego and attitude began to die in the dust.

No one guessed a simple virus would turn dreaded
And shake the humanity.
Thousands of people lay on ground
Indeed, a scene of pity.

People became helpless
Every heart turned restless
They looked up and cried
For some all the tears dried.

In the Heavenly abode there was a commotion
God was filled with deepest emotion.
In hell below devil danced with joy
And laughed and gloated that he had suppressed God by.

Devil began to boast and said it was all misery and bitter cry.
But god pointed, it was not just that and stated why.

Though there was threat of virus but slowly the negativity and hate had seemed to minus.
Pistols and bombs disappeared
Love and empathy appeared.

Earth was feeling much lighter
Birds and animals were roaming around merrier.
Air and water began to look clean
The thick dark smoke had begun to look lean.

Empty terraces were now filled with people
Families had come much nearer.
There is fun at dinner tables
The takeaways are now replaced with home cooked food tasty and irresistible.

Though churches and prayer halls are closed
The Bibles in the houses have opened.
The Sunday Catholics have turned to everyday seekers
The candles are lit and praises and worship are louder than ever.

Though streets are empty
People in the house are plenty
Talents have begun to spring out
Painters and dancers, we see, those we never knew about.

Yes. The suffering is hurting
But God will not allow it to be the ending
When with folded hands we bow and ask for his forgiveness
He will never hold back his kindness

After all this ends
We will realize we have learnt a lot from this huge bend.
Each of us have begun to realize one could survive without parties and fun
And vacations would not be something we would miss.
Money would be a means to fulfill needs
And definitely not for our greed

We will learn to lean on each other
Rather than stamp one another.
There will be love and laughter
And definitely lot of prayer.

My friend, do not lose hope
Because God will never leave us afloat
Look up to the heaven and cry
For he never ignores even a smallest try

Let the lessons we have learnt remain in our hearts
And let us live for one another till from this earth we depart