Doha: Mangalore Cricket Club to organize virtual Global Konkani Comedy Challenge

Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC), one of the oldest socio-cultural organizations of the expatriate Indian community in the state of Qatar, is gearing up for the much-awaited first ever virtual Global Konkani Comedy Challenge that is scheduled to be held via YouTube in the month of December.

Established in 1992, MCC is renowned for staging mega events like musical nites by various top Konkani artistes from around the world, cultural, sports and social events presented by and for members of local community and educational programmes presented by professionals. MCC is well known locally for organizing most popular expat event ladies throwball tournament’ and volleyball tournament. To keep the youngsters occupied and health conscious MCC built their own teams and participated in Kabaddi, Cricket, and kho-kho, volleyball, etc., emerging most of the times as champions.

To bring together the Konkani speaking communities together, to give opportunities to showcase talents of our youngsters, MCC has successfully organized international events like Gulf Baila Naach for the middle east, Soad 3 international singing reality show in association with the one and only Mandd Sobhann. Now they are here with yet another and first ever international online mega event ‘MCC Qatar Global Konkani Comedy Challenge packaged for the Konkani speaking Mangalureans world over. Already, artistes from countries around the world have shown keen interest in participating.

Expertise and experience in organizing mega events has always been the hallmark of MCC. It is this expertise and experience that played a major role in conceiving and putting together this ‘Global Konkani Comedy Challenge’ competition. MCC strives to keep alive its legacy even at this testing time and as ever will provide much needed entertainment to one and all.

Renowned Judges will be judging the competition. In order to make the event flawless and qualitative certain Rules and Regulation are to be adhered to as below:

1. The Comedy Challenge Competition will be held on MCC Qatar You Tube Channel.
2. Konkani is the medium of language for this competition.
3. Duration of the Video must be minimum 15 minutes and maximum 20 minutes.
4. Each Team should have minimum 2 and maximum 4 persons
5. High quality resolution Videos must be sent through email to or pen drive to us. (Videos send through WhatsApp will not be accepted)
6. Video recordings should be done by professional videographer with clear voice recording.
7. Background music can be used; however, it should not overlap on the conversation.
8. If the skit is presented in the earlier occasion by others, then you need to get the permission from the original script writer. In case the original skit script writer brings in objection on the presented skit, then it will be disqualified from the competition.
9. Original background music is preferred to avoid any copyright issues in YouTube. (Artists and labels can choose to either mute the audio or block the video from being seen in copyrightedmusic).
10. Skit should be enjoyed by the family members without using any vulgar language.
11. Team should refrain from using or targeting any particular incident or particular person in the skit.
12. Vulgar conversation or low-class wordings should not be used.
13. Organizer reserve the right to telecast or not to telecast (with reason) the skit.
14. Stage setting is not compulsory; it is advisable to use the backdrop/curtain to get the good quality of the Video.
15. Full skit recording should be done at one place/one stage.
16. Competition will be held in single round.
17. One Team can send only one video.
18. One participant can be taking part in one skit only.
19. Participating team should register their team’s name by October 30, 2021 via email to
20. Last date to submit your recorded video is November 14, 2021.
21. You Tube likes or views will not be taken for judging criteria.
22. The submitted videos is the property of the organizer and team should not publish or upload on any other medium or social media.
23. The organizer or the Judges result will be final.

Winners will take home Rs 1 lac cash prize, first runners up Rs 50,000, and second runners up Rs 25,000. Besides these various other prizes will be awarded like:

i) Best Comedian Male
ii) Best Comedian Female
iii) Best Music
iv) Best Team
v) Best Concept
vi) Best Videography

Winners will receive award certificates and all participants will receive a certificate of participation