Much awaited picnic by KCWA RT Nagar!

On November 26, 2023, the Konkani Catholic Welfare Association (KCWA) RT Nagar orchestrated a delightful picnic at Dena Seva Ashram, Capuchins, Kengeri, Bangalore. A spirited group of 103 participants, comprised of members and their families, embarked on a journey from RT Nagar Main Road at 7:45 AM, making the scenic trip in three BMTC buses. The atmosphere during the journey was vibrant, filled with joyous singing, dancing, and laughter, setting an upbeat tone for the day.

Upon arrival, Rev. Fr. Patrick Crasta, a distinguished Professor at Dena Seva Ashram, extended a warm welcome and treated all to a delectable breakfast. During this time, Rev. Fr. Dennis Vegas, the Rector, provided a brief introduction about the ashram. Following the enjoyable breakfast, Fr. Patrick guided all to their picturesque chapel for a prayer and then led everyone to the hall cum auditorium where the planned activities would unfold.

Inside the hall, Mr. Peter Pinto, the President, extended a heartfelt welcome to the gathering, passing the microphone to the lively MC, Mr. Stephen Machado. Under the guidance of the dedicated secretary, Mrs. Sharmila D’Souza, a diverse array of engaging games was organized, complemented by refreshing drinks and snacks. The collective participation and enthusiasm of all attendees added to the overall enjoyment.

The scrumptious lunch, catered by the skilled Mr. Robert of Blue Birds Caterers, was a shared delight for all, creating a sense of familial unity. Following lunch, a series of entertaining events ensued, marked by laughter and joy among the members. Priests generously arranged tea with snacks, and the group seamlessly transitioned between indoor and outdoor activities.

As the day unfolded, the sprawling 28-acre location with its lush greenery and vibrant flower gardens contributed to an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty, enhancing the overall experience. The picnic reached its conclusion with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Mr. Leo Lewis, the Vice President, and the distribution of prizes to the winners by Fr. Patrick Crasta. The departure from the venue around 6 PM marked the end of a day that will undoubtedly be cherished as a significant and joyous occasion in the memories of all who participated.