FKCA Kreedothsav 2024 – A celebration of Hardwork and dedication

As the sun rose on January 28 th , 2024, the HMT Grounds in Jalahalli, Bengaluru, became the arena for FKCA Kreedothsav 2024 - a day dedicated to celebrating teamwork, enthusiasm, and the sheer joy of sportsmanship. From victories to joyous moments, the event unfolded as a true testament to the power of unity within a community.

The day commenced with an air of anticipation as Kiran D’Souza, our enthusiastic MC, welcomed the esteemed Chief Guest, Sugun Coelho, a former National Level Volleyball Player and Karnataka Team Captain. With great honor and reverence, Sugun Coelho was escorted to the dais, setting the stage for a day of athletic prowess and sportsmanship. Sugun Coelho emphasized how engaging in sports instils and cultivates skills for various aspects of life.

Rev Dr. Fr. Francis Assisi D'Almeida invoked divine blessings with an opening prayer, and Chairman Robert Cutinha addressed the gathering, emphasizing the significance of the event. Gen Secr. Leena Lobo expressed gratitude to those who tirelessly worked to make the day possible, highlighting the collaborative effort that went into organizing this mega event.

The symbolic Athletic Torch, representing the spirit of sportsmanship, was ignited and carried forward with a colorful display of balloons, creating a visually stunning start to the day. The oath-taking ceremony by the Council, Past Chairpersons, and all Players of Member Associations marked the official inauguration of the event, emphasizing a commitment to fair play and unity.

The field came alive with athletes of all ages showcasing their skills in various events throughout the day. From cricket champions KCS Yashwanthpur to throwball victors KCWA R T Nagar, each team exemplified strength, honor, and discipline in their respective games. Runners-up Konkani Samudai Jayanagar in throwballand BKCSKormangala in cricket, showcased powerful precision in their performances, making every competition a sight to behold.

The Boys and Girls Relay events added an extra layer of excitement, with the audience watching with bated breath as young and enthusiastic athletes showcased their speed and coordination.
The exciting end to FKCA Kreedothsav 2024featured a lively ceremony where Leo Quadras, Chairman of Bangalore Regency Developers Pvt Ltd, took the stage. He praised FKCA and reminded everyone of the importance of reading the Word of God daily in 2024.
Rayan Miranda emceed the finale event and announced the winners one after another.

FKCA Kreedothsav 2024 wasn't just about competing; it made us feel like a close-knit community. People got together, cheered for each other's victories, and showed true sportsmanship. The day taught us that in sports, it's not only about winning – it's about the friends we gain and the happiness we spread, a happy celebration of togetherness, friendship, and the fun of challenging ourselves.
FKCA Kreedothsav 2024 will stay in our memories, not only for the sports accomplishments but also for uniting everyone in a happy and memorable celebration.

FKCA Silver Jubilee Rolling Trophy 2024 Champions
BKCS Kormangala

List of Winners with Association Names