Vibrant Community Spirit: A Glimpse into the Activities of St. Vincent Pallotti Church Konkani Kutamb…

St. Vincent Pallotti Church Konkani Kutamb, nestled in Banaswadi, Bangalore, is a vibrant community that thrives on spiritual enrichment, cultural celebrations and fostering togetherness among its members. Let's take a closer look at some of the notable activities in recent times, that have brought joy and a sense of unity to this Konkani community.

Konkani Lenten Retreat:
In a spiritual endeavor to deepen the connection with faith, a one-day Konkani Lenten retreat was organized at St. Vincent Pallotti Church on March 5, 2023. Reverend Father Clifford F. led the retreat, featuring a soulful Holy Adoration on Saturday evening and a day-long program of Holy Eucharist celebration and preaching on Sunday. Attended by around 250 people, the retreat provided a moment of reflection and spiritual renewal. The coordination of this meaningful event was overseen by Reverend Father Manohar Josley Noronha.

Konkani Mass Celebration:
Every Sunday, the community gathers for a Konkani Mass celebration at 11:30 am, reinforcing their commitment to spiritual communion and shared cultural identity.

Summer Picnic Extravaganza:
On May 27, 2023, the community organized a delightful summer picnic at Ferns Aspen Heights on Hennur Road. Attended by 160 members and their families, the day featured morning breakfast, a variety of games for all age groups, Konkani songs, music, baila dance, and a delightful spread for lunch and evening tea. Coordinated by Mrs. Claris D'Costa and team, the picnic was a perfect blend of fun, fellowship, and showcasing the diverse talents within the Konkani families.

Monthi Fest Celebration:
In keeping with tradition, the SVP Konkani Kutamb celebrated the Monthi Fest with grandeur on September 8. The feast commenced with the blessing of Corns by Reverend Father Manohar Noronha, followed by a procession to the church and a Holy Eucharist Celebration. Traditional offerings such as rice mudo, coconut, vegetables, and fruits were made during the offertory, accompanied by melodious choir performances from "The Pallotiche Taale." The celebration brought together a large number of Konkani devotees, fostering a sense of cultural pride and religious devotion.

Christmas Jingle and Mingle:
The Konkani community gathered for a festive Christmas celebration on December 10, 2023, at Gardenia Rooftop, Konkan Samudai Bhavan, Kalyannagar. Around 200 participants enjoyed an evening filled with prayer, Christmas carols, skits, games, quizzes, and baila dance. The event showcased the community's spirit of togetherness, with delicious Mangalorean-style dinner and DJ John's music adding to the festive atmosphere.

At its core, the St. Vincent Pallotti Church Konkani Kutamb stands as a vibrant symbol of cultural abundance and community camaraderie, consistently nurturing a profound sense of unity and festivity within its members.

Core Committee 2023 -24:
(L-R) Leslie Fernandes – President, Francis Monteiro – Vice President, Herold Lewis – Secretary, Claris D’Costa – Joint Secretary, Vinay Dias – Treasurer, Flavia Pinto – Joint Treasurer