Marking 25 Years of Unity and Service: The Grand Silver Jubilee Celebration of Konkani Catholic Welfare Association

Bengaluru, 30th Jan, 2024: In the lively community of R. T. Nagar, the Konkani Catholic Welfare Association (KCWA) stands as a vital source of compassion and communal resilience. Emerged from the spirit of Easter way back in 1999, initially comprised of 17 forward-thinking individuals, KCWA has since transformed into a cornerstone of support for an extensive network of 320 member families. Now, as the association celebrates its Silver Jubilee, an air of excitement envelops the community, heralding a celebration that goes beyond mere festivities, promising a profound reflection on a twenty-five-year journey marked by dedicated service, unity, and steadfast faith.

This jubilant celebration traces its origins to the very inception of the association, marking its formal inauguration during the Nativity of Mother Mary on September 8, 1999. The annual Monthi Fest, celebrated with unparalleled grandeur, stands as a living testament to the association's unwavering dedication to tradition and fostering a sense of togetherness. Over the years, KCWA has proven to be a reliable support system, extending a helping hand during moments of celebration and contemplation, be it Christmas, New Year, retreats, picnics, or somber occasions like funerals. As the year 2024 began, KCWA R. T. Nagar excitedly prepared for this special occasion of its Silver Jubilee Celebration on January 21st. The event was meticulously planned to create lasting memories for its members. The Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee's careful planning promised an evening that would honor the past and guide the association towards a future filled with continued service and stronger friendships.

The festivities kicked off with a heartfelt Church Service at St. Jude's Church, RT Nagar, marking the start of a spiritually uplifting and joyful evening. President Peter Pinto warmly welcomed everyone, setting the stage for a meaningful Thanksgiving Mass led by Fr. Peter Reginald Dsouza and Rev. Fr. Vinoo Fabian.

Transitioning seamlessly into the heart of the evening's excitement, the cultural program unfolded at Patels Inn, where the charismatic Jeevan Lobo took center stage as the masterful Master of Ceremonies.

The joyful atmosphere peaked with a captivating welcome dance by Stenita Lewis, kicking off a lively evening of celebrations. Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bengaluru, added a special touch to the occasion, bringing a sense of reverence to the festivities. President Peter Pinto, showing utmost respect, invited Archbishop Machado and other esteemed guests like Mr. Robert Cutinha, Rev. Fr. Peter R Dsouza, and Rev. Dr. Fr. Francis Assisi Almeida.

The ceremonial illumination of the lamp marked a symbolic journey into enlightenment, as Archbishop Machado, esteemed guests, President Peter Pinto, Secretary Sharmila D'Souza, and Souvenir Chairman Victor Edward D'Souza collectively lit the path forward. This profound gesture embodied a shared commitment to guiding the way ahead.

In a meaningful moment, Archbishop Machado shared a touching message, emphasizing the importance of community and selfless service. His words left a deep impact, setting an inspiring tone for the evening.

The eagerly awaited Souvenir, representing KCWA's rich history, its member directory, and the significant events shaping its journey, was unveiled with pride and accomplishment. This tangible record stands as proof of the association's collective achievements and enduring spirit.

Additionally, the evening became an occasion to acknowledge and honor distinguished individuals, including the esteemed Hon’ble Sri. Justice John Michael Cunha and the accomplished Mr. Victor Edward D’Souza, further adding a layer of prestige to the celebratory atmosphere.

The honoring of past presidents, founder committee members, and the current committee added an element of distinction to the celebrations, recognizing their invaluable contributions.

The Federation of Konkani Catholic Association (FKCA) made a big impact at the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Konkani Catholic Welfare Association (KCWA) in R. T. Nagar. During the event, FKCA introduced its first-ever YouTube series, "Preran - Inspiration from Successful Entrepreneurs," with the blessing of Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado.

Archbishop Peter Machado, along with FKCA Council members Robert Cutinha (FKCA Chairman), Sharon Rego (Cultural Secretary), and Past Chairman Silvian Noronha and Edward Anand D’Souza, joined forces with Peter Pinto (KCWA President), Sharmila Dsouza (Secretory KCWA) for the series launch.

The YouTube series, "Preran," will share stories of successful entrepreneurs, highlighting resilience and determination. With Archbishop Peter Machado's blessing, the series aims to inspire individuals within the Konkani Catholic community and beyond.

Following this, the cultural program unfolded, featuring captivating dance performances and a lively Konkani comedy skit. This dynamic and entertaining segment added a vibrant dimension to the evening, engaging the audience with a mix of talent and humor.

As the Silver Jubilee celebration took place, a remarkable group of people gathered, showcasing the enduring sense of community nurtured by KCWA. The well-organized program, covering everything from the Church Service to the cultural events, represented not just a significant occasion but a legacy woven with threads of faith, service, and a strong community bond.